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Elite Queenz Wellness: Yoni Tightening Oil

Packaging Include: 1 bottle yoni tightening Yoni Care Essential Oil


Color:Pink and Gold

Shelf life:2 years

Product Name: Yoni Care Essential Oil

Main Ingredients:

Rose Essential oil, lavender oil ,Mugwort Leafe oil ,Magnolia Officinalis Oil, Clove Oil, Angelica Oil


Used to prevent ingrown hair after hair removal 

Sex lubricants during intercourse, increase sexual pleasure.

yoni tightening and yoni red tender

Yoni detox and regular menstrual cycle
Strengthen yoni tissues and Moisturize
Soothe irritation and Rejuvenation

Anti-bacterial & anti-inflammatory

Cure infections and remove door usage:

Take 1-2 drops then gently apply it to the vulva (yoni), or use it directly on the panty liner. Or take 1-2 drops and dilute with warm water, then bath.


For external use, Disable for children and virgin, pregnant women use with caution, don't while menstruating.

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