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Botoxis used to soften or paralyze the muscle into which it is injected, this begins approximately 3-7 days after the injection. The dose of Botox Cosmetic is not the same, or even comparable, to other botulinum type A toxin products. Botox is generally used for the eyes ("crows feet" and above frown, brow lift, and forehead lines), but is also used for other areas.
Fillers are injected under the skin, most commonly in the lower face, to fill in moderate to severe wrinkles and folds. Marionette lines, sagging cheeks, "two-finger face lift", smokers lines, and laugh lines are examples of common areas injected. Certain fillers, such as Volbella, is used in patients with smaller lips to remove the vertical "straw or smoker lines".
Kybella is a digestive enzyme based product that is injected under the chin or submental fat to melt away the dreaded "double chin." It is injected into the fatty tissue under the chin and gives the jaw line a more defined and toned look once th.e effects have taken place. Kybella is also used successfully for the "jowls". The effects of this procedure are permanent.