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October 08, 2020 2 min read

Yoni steam, Feminine steam, V-steam or Bajo,

allows the body to heal and detoxify, removing the build up of toxins and harmful substances that affect the women not only physically but also cause a lot of emotional strain resulting in changing moods and stress. The blend of herbs collected from around the world and later mindfully combined within the fresh air of the mountains in Colorado, USA, comes in a resealable packaging to maintain the goodness of the product. 


The product is used by combining one of the steaming packages with boiling water and letting it fumigate the vulva by sitting over the steaming basin. The blend of herbs such as Motherwort, Rose, Albizia flower, Aloe Vera, Ginger, Saffron and Lavender boost optimal health within the female reproductive organ. This fusion als helps relieve stress and anxiety that block the body from reaching a prime wellness. 


The presence of the herb, Motherwort (Leonurus Cardiaca) has been used as a remedy for treating female reproductive issues for a long time as the provide relief from menstrual pain and regulate menstruation by soothing and relaxing the heart, just as suggested by its Latin name, Cardiana - meaning “for the heart”. The ginger and the albizia flower allows the vulva to heal from yeast and other bacterial infections whilst also increasing the cell activity to bring utmost health to the user. Aloe Vera works to hydrate the skin and reduce itching whilst the infusion of lavender brings relief from stress and stress induced insomnia. This blend also promotes an increase in fertility to allow easy conceiving. This gentle treatment allows the woman to revitalize the organ and connect to her centre. 


Along with this Elite Queen's Wellness also provides the customer with the steamer that allows them to benefit from the herbs correctly and completely. The Royal Gaddii steamer comes in two forms, one of them allows you to sit over it and the other requires the consumer to squat over it. Both of which work effectively to help the consumer get the ideal results from the fumigation therapy.