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October 21, 2020 2 min read

Originating from Ancient China, the Gua Sha provided such admirable benefits, enough for it to be taken as major medical treatment in the Ming Dynasty (1368-1644). Although it has been around for ages, the treatment is still alive as it is enriched with diligence in providing the patient with medical aid. The Gua Sha, meaning “to scrape away”, is traditionally made with a centuries old and treasured stone, the Chinese Jade. Jade is considered to be greatly cherished by the Chinese, even above the other valuable elements such as silver and gold. The stone acquitted its royal status as it was worn usually by the kings and nobles. However with the Gua Sha treatment allowing the health benefits of jade to resurface, it has revelled in its rightful attributes.


The Gua Sha treatment mostly caters to chronic pain by massaging the skin in one direction allowing the microcirculation of soft tissue on the surface of the skin and thereby increasing blood flow. Elite Queen’s Wellness provides the perfect Gua Sha set consisting of the massage tool and a gentle jade roller for the face. The massage tool helps the user to treat various parts of the body, the massage tool also helps in reducing perimenopause symptoms such as fatigue, heat flashes, insomnia, anxiety and headaches . The specified jade roller for the face allows the user to have a soft and youthful skin by diminishing wrinkles and draining the lymph nodes, resulting in reduced puffiness and inflammation on the skin. 


Another all natural treatment that originates from China, tea has been around for countless years and still wins the prize for the most beneficial treatment to date. Keeping in mind the use of tea being common all around the world , Elite Queen’s Wellness brings you the Womb Cleansing tea. This tea is mixed with a blend of Chinese Wolfberry, Dong Quai, Red Date, Dried Ginger and Longan. 


Chinese wolfberries and the Red Dates, for their richness with minerals and vitamins have been used in chinese traditional medicine for thousands of years. These ingredients provide relief from stress and insomnia. The Chinese Wolfberry also balances homeostasis and boosts the immune system whilst nourishing the liver and the kidneys. The Dong Quai along with the Longan helps in bringing relief from the menopause symptoms such as migraines and stress and reducing fatigue. This tea helps the user to detoxify the womb and warm up the uterine lining thereby boosting fertility. It also helps treat irregular menstruation and the pain that comes along. 

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